Will Russia help Europe get rid of its dependence on the US?



The step taken by Russia and Turkey will give Europe a chance to break away from its political dependence on the US and act more independently, according to the Turkish expert.

Pipes at the landfall facilities of the ‘Nord Stream 1’ gas pipeline in Lubmin, Germany

October 14 (Reuters) – Turkey backed Russian proposals to build a gas hub there as an alternative supply route for the EU to replace Nord Stream.

Russian President Vladimir Putin this week proposed Turkey as a base for gas supplies after the Nord Stream pipelines under the Baltic Sea were damaged last month by blasts.

During the meeting on October 13 in the capital Astana of Kazakhstan, Putin said that Turkey is the most reliable partner for the transit of Russian energy to Europe and suggested building a gas hub in Turkey. “During the work of this hub, which we could create together, of course, it would be a platform not only for supplies but also for determining prices.” Putin said


Turkstream pipe has the capacity to deliver 31.5 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas a year.

Ceyhun Bozkurt, a Turkish author, political commentator and journalist, in an interview with Sputnik, commented that Russia considers Turkey reliable. “The grain corridor, non-compliance with sanctions, the continuation of dialogue with Russia, Turkey’s efforts to achieve peace between Russia and Ukraine [all] inspire confidence.” He added.

“This is a positive thing. Turkey’s attitude is also positive. Turkey’s Energy Minister stated that, technically, such a gas hub is possible. That idea was discussed during a meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin. We hope this process will bring positive results, and the step taken by Turkey and Russia will give Europe a chance to act more independently,” the Turkish expert said.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan meet on the sidelines of the 6th summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia (CICA), in Astana, Kazakhstan

On October 14, Turkish media quoted President Erdogan as saying that the new gas distribution center could be located in Thrace, northwest Turkey, near the border with Bulgaria. Erdogan said that Turkey is operating a national gas distribution center, which will now be an international distribution center.


The Turkish leader stressed that both countries would immediately start work on President Putin’s proposal to transport Russian gas to Europe. President Erdogan has instructed the Ministry of Energy of the country to expedite the construction of a gas hub in Turkey based on the proposal to Russia.

Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, connecting Russia and Germany, were damaged last month, spewing a large amount of gas.

Russia and the West blamed the damage on sabotage but did not identify a culprit.


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