Why ’57 Bel Air Convertibles are Among the Most Desirable Cars on the Planet


The most popular Chevrolet passenger cars of all time are the 1955-57 models. Of these, only the 2-door Hardtop and Convertible variants are certified Milestone cars. The boldly styled ’57 evolved into one of the eternal icons of the Fifties, symbolizing all that was right during the Eisenhower years.

Exactly 47,562 Bel Air convertible were built for the model year. They were quality cars, to be sure. However, 47 years later, it’s hard to find a perfect example. Most survivors have been restored and are hidden away in collectors’ garages. Demand for ’57 Chevy convertibles is still high, around the World!

The stunning ’57 convertible for auction here not only survived the ravages of time in admirably rust-free condition, it also was the recent object of a loving, frame-up restoration.

Engine bay is ultra-clean. Chevy features the correct 283 cu.in. engine, equipped with the fabled Power Pack–which includes a 4-barrel carburetor and dual exhaust system–to produce 220 honest-to-goodness horsepower. Coupled to a smooth-shifting PowerGlide automatic transmission, this engine really shows off American engineering superiority of the era. Its typical, burbling Vee-Eight sound is music to the ears of Chevy enthusiasts everywhere, as much a part of the Fifties soundscape as Elvis and Buddy Holly.


This particular example of the epitome of 1950s look shows off its immaculate body, its glamourous lines enhanced by startlingly glossy Matador red paint. The best year, dressed in the best possible color, with all the special Bel Air trim, plus stylish fender skirts.


Classic ’57 Chevy dash features Bel Air upgrades, like waffle-pattern aluminum trim, badges, and steering wheel with full chrome horn ring. All lights, switches, and gauges work great.

Apart from a classic Am/FM cassette stereo in place of the original AM unit, there is an under dash CD-player with large speakers hung from the front kick panels. No unsightly holes were drilled anywhere!

Red-and-silver upholstery stunningly complements the car’s exterior. Everything looks correct here. Though the car has been driven a few miles since it was restored, there is no wear and tear anywhere.

Space for theree adults–and seat belts for three, too. A 1957 Chevrolet convertible is a full six seater. Are you ready to cruise?

A power convertible top was a highly desirable option in 1957. This one works flawlessly. White pinpoint vinyl convertible top is like new, including the glassine rear window.

As clean as the engine bay, the huge trunk features the heavy duty O.E.M. black rubber mat, jack and spare, and even the correct jacking instruction decal. A valuable 1957 Chevrolet shop manual is included as well.

No rust or rot, no visible rust repair. California Chevy loks great underneath; dealer-installed undercoating has been faithfully duplicated during restoration. This car does not shake, rattle, and roll when things go bump in the street!

Just like a Wurlitzer jukebox, the ’57 Chevy is an immortal design icon, easily recognized anywher in the World. Owning a ’57 Chevy–especially a convertible–is like money in the bank. It’s a valuable asset that can be enjoyed for many years.

The ’57 does not behave like an old car at all. Thanks to an ingeniously installed front sway bar and power steering, the car does not bounce or hop. It floats calmy over any road surface, holding its course without constant driver input, not wanting to follow every ridge in the street like so many of its brethren.

Adding to the Chevy’s wonderful handling abilities are the COKER Classic radial tires in the dimension 215/75R-15. Fact is, these specially made tires until recently were the only radials available with a wide white wall.

Yep, this classic Chevy is a blue chip automobile. It needs nothing but a new owner. And be assured, it could not be duplicated for the money we’re asking for it. Try to find another nice ’57 Bel Air convertible somewhere, preferrably in California, then restore it frame up, and you’ll not only lose the farm over it, but also a year or two of your life.
1957 Bel Air convertibles are among of the most desirable finned, open air cruisers on the planet. Like authentic Hemi-powered muscle cars, they will steadily continue to rise in value. You can bet on it!

This stunning ’57 is currently registered and licensed in California. It is ready to be driven anywhere, in utter s


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