Ukraine claims to cripple Russia’s Kalibr missile supply route


Ukraine claims that its military has launched a drone strike in northern Crimea, destroying a route used by Russia to transport Kalibr missiles.

Newsweek quoted a spokeswoman for the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine Natalia Humeniuk on March 31 as saying that Russia’s ability to transport Kalibr missiles, ammunition, and other weapons is limited after explosions in the city. Dzhankoy. This is a city located in the north of Crimea, after a controversial referendum.

“They (Russia) are continuing to find ways to repair, the important railway used to transport their equipment has not shown any signs of recovery,” Ms. Humeniuk said.

The official added that there is some information that Russia has tried to use aircraft to transport Kalibr missiles, but it is not clear whether that attempt was successful Russia did not comment.

The city of Dzhankoy is considered a road and rail crossing center that plays an important role in reinforcements for the military operation in Russia in southern Ukraine, the British Ministry of Defense assessed in August last year.


Earlier, on March 21, the Intelligence Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that large explosions were recorded at the railway station in the city of Dzhankoy. The explosion destroyed a train carrying Russian Kalibr-KN cruise missiles.

According to some sources, the missiles are on their way to Russian naval bases on the Crimean peninsula. Here, they will be equipped on warships of the Black Sea Fleet and can be used to attack targets on Ukrainian territory.

The pro-Russian authorities in Crimea accused Ukraine of launching a drone strike on Dzhankoy. As many times before, Kiev neither confirmed nor denied a role in mysterious explosions at military bases in Crimea.

The Kalibr missile has a range of more than 2,400km for land targets and 370km for sea targets. This is currently a strategic weapon to ensure the offensive capability of the Russian Navy.

The Kalibr carries a 450kg warhead, which can be armed with both conventional and nuclear weapons. In the Ukrainian battlefield, the Kalibr cruise missile is one of the main long-range attack weapons of the Russian army. Moscow has launched a series of these missiles from warships in the Black Sea at many targets in Ukraine, causing heavy loss of life and property.


The Ukrainian military said early last month that Russian warships fired about 20 Kalibr missiles during a large-scale ambush against targets on Ukrainian territory.

Crimea is a peninsula that was annexed by Russia in 2014 after a controversial referendum. Ukraine has repeatedly vowed to take back all of the territory controlled by Russia, including Crimea. Some experts say that one of Ukraine’s goals in the upcoming counter-offensive is to isolate Crimea to cut off Russia’s supply route to the military campaign in Ukraine.


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