Reliving the Glamour of the 1930s with the 1934 Packard Bayliff Custom Convertible


During the 1930s, elegant custom Packards with pontoon fenders became highly coveted vehicles, owned by iconic movie stars such as Clark Gable and Gary Cooper. One such exquisite creation is the 1934 Packard Bayliff Custom Convertible, a stunning masterpiece built by Bayliff Custom Automotive in 2008. This remarkable vehicle combines the timeless beauty of a Darren-styled Packard with modern engineering and luxurious features. With meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, this Packard exemplifies automotive excellence.

Engineering and Craftsmanship

The 1934 Packard Bayliff Custom Convertible is a testament to the finest in engineering, materials, and craftsmanship. Built on a modern chassis, it offers the driver all the favored creative comforts, from full power amenities to air conditioning. The heart of this magnificent automobile is a 325 HP 350 Chevy V8 engine, cleverly adorned with V12 style faux heads and manifolds, providing both power and a touch of vintage elegance. The custom-built frame features Lincoln front suspension and steering, combined with Ford rear suspension, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.


Exquisite Design

Dressed in a captivating Lipstick red hue and boasting a two-tone leather interior, the 1934 Packard Bayliff Custom Convertible is a show stopper wherever it goes. The timeless beauty of its Darren-style design turns heads and evokes a sense of nostalgia. The carefully sculpted pontoon fenders, a hallmark of Packard’s elegance in the 1930s, add an extra touch of class to this remarkable vehicle. Every curve and line of the Packard Bayliff Custom Convertible exudes sophistication and refinement.

Driving Pleasure

Beyond its breathtaking aesthetics, the 1934 Packard Bayliff Custom Convertible offers an unparalleled driving experience. Designed with modern comforts and conveniences, it combines the allure of a classic car with the performance and reliability of contemporary engineering. Whether cruising along scenic roads or attending prestigious car shows, this Packard delivers a fantastic pleasure to drive. Its powerful engine, comfortable interior, and advanced features ensure a memorable journey for both driver and passengers.

Legacy and Appreciation

The 1934 Packard Bayliff Custom Convertible represents a treasured piece of automotive history. Its association with notable movie icons and its timeless design make it an object of admiration for car enthusiasts and collectors alike. This exceptional vehicle serves as a bridge between the golden era of automotive elegance and the modern advancements of engineering. Its presence commands attention and appreciation, honoring the legacy of Packard as a symbol of luxury and style.


The 1934 Packard Bayliff Custom Convertible stands as a remarkable testament to the craftsmanship, engineering, and design of a bygone era. Built with utmost care and attention to detail, it embodies the elegance and sophistication that made Packard vehicles highly sought after. From its eye-catching exterior to its luxurious interior and exceptional performance, this Packard Bayliff Custom Convertible is a true automotive masterpiece. It not only captures the hearts of classic car enthusiasts but also serves as a reminder of the timeless allure of the 1930s automotive era.


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