Parked And Forgotten 1964 Ford Thunderbird Is The Most Mysterious Yard Find In A Long Time

The 1964 Thunderbird marked the debut of the fourth generation, and just as expected, it introduced several styling improvements that more or less pushed the car away from its sportier attitude. However, the T-Bird remained a luxurious drive, with Ford offering a lineup of three engines throughout this generation. The base unit was the 390 (6.4-liter), followed by the more powerful 427 and 428 (7.0-liter) powerplants.

The styling refinements, the engines, and the focus on a luxurious experience made the 1964 T-Bird pretty successful, as the American carmaker ended up producing close to 92,500 units. One of them has recently been found sleeping in a yard, and it’s now searching for a new owner as part of an estate sale.

Unfortunately, the car comes with almost no information, as eBay seller ndtoto2 says they have zero details about this Thunderbird. So we don’t know anything about it, other than the engine under the hood is no longer running. According to the VIN, this mysterious Thunderbird was born at the Wixom Assembly Plant as a Tudor Landau.

This was the second most-common choice for 1964, as the hardtop accounted for over 65 percent of the entire production (this means more than 60,500 units ended up seeing the daylight in this body style). The convertible was the rarest, with just a little over 9,000 cars.

As for the engine, this model was fitted from the factory with a 390 4-barrel, but as said, this unit is no longer running. Unfortunately, we have no clue if it’s locked up from sitting or if it struggles with any other problem. Of course, the only way to figure out if the car deserves a full restoration is to go check it out in person, especially because it’s hard to tell if the rust is a major concern or if any parts are missing.

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