All-Original 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury Found In A Chicken Coop After 20 Years


The 1967 Plymouth Fury is part of the fourth-generation series, but as compared to its predecessor, the new model introduced several subtle changes to obtain a more muscular look overall.

The focus for MY 1967 was on the new safety regulations that required carmakers to install more safety equipment on their cars as standard, so the Sport Fury now came with shoulder belt mounting points and energy-absorbing steering wheels and columns.

But overall, the ’67 Sport Fury remained quite a looker, and you don’t have to trust us on this, as a quick look at the example we have here is all it takes to see what this refined model was all about.

And it’s all because this 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury is as original as it gets, coming with almost everything still in place and only a bit of rust. And that’s quite impressive, especially given it spent over 20 years parked in a 100-foot long chicken coop in Northeast Georgia.


That’s according to eBay seller lessismore804, who unfortunately hasn’t provided any images with the car still in storage, so we’ll have to trust them on this one.

But the other photos pretty much speak for themselves. The car comes in a surprising condition given how long it’s been in storage, though there’s some bad news as far as what’s under the hood is concerned.

While the 383 engine originally installed on this Sport Fury was running correctly before the car ended up in storage, it has previously been removed and never put back.

“The previous owner had pulled the engine and transmission to send to the shop for some updates that never happened. The engine ended up on a tire and covered with a tarp outside of a garage while the transmission stayed covered up inside the shop. The engine appears to have taken on some water around the oil pan area from sitting. I tried to turn the crank but was unsuccessful,” the seller explains.


Other than that, the Plymouth is all original, and the only thing that’s missing is the alternator. The factory wheels and the original hubcaps are still there, and everything is in a condition that allows for an easy restoration.


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