Cyclists See A Homeless Dog On The Road And Know It Will Go Home With Them


Ladislau Alcântara and Rosilene Jansen went out for a stroll on their bicycles in the middle of the quarantine in April of this year, not realizing that this walk would change their lives forever.

They decided to return early from their excursion since the day was too hot, and along the way, they discovered a surprise. It was about a tiny puppy that stood alone in the middle of the road, as if he was lost or had been abandoned by someone.

When they drew closer, they noticed it was an emaciated brown dachshund that didn’t even flee, instead staring at them as though pleading for assistance.

According to Rosilene, who spoke to The Dodo,

“When we discovered it was abandoned and that we had food in our backpack, I went up to him and handed him the bread, which he immediately ate.”


The riders inquired about the dog and learned that the region is notorious for stray animals.

Roselene had this to say:

“I became desperate because I didn’t want to leave it there, but I still had about 40 kilometers (25 miles) to travel to get home.”

So Ladislau unzipped his hydration pack, grabbed up the dog, and carried him home in it. It wasn’t an easy maneuver to pull off, but the riders were motivated to save the abandoned cat after seeing it.

Ross continued, ”

“It wasn’t an easy task. I was following him on my bike, keeping an eye on his bag to make sure the dog didn’t slip off. Every kilometer seemed to stretch on forever.

They halted for a few minutes to recover after a hard ride, and Ladislau turned around and smiled at Rosilene at that point.


Ladislau explained:

I’ll have a dog instead of children because I don’t have any.

The riders resumed their journey and returned home after a few hours, when they gave him a wash, some water, and some nice food.

They decided to adopt the abandoned dog after the long bike trip and named him Rotivi, though Ladislau preferred Pelanka.

The riders grew close to the dog over time, and the three are now inseparable; they are unconditional friends.


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