This Awesome Muscle Car Collection Was Abandoned By A Bankrupt 1980S Lottery Winner


From time to time, people stumble across cool barn finds and discover these goldmines of cars meeting their unfortunate demises. Just like, a YouTuber plus fellow gearhead stumbled across this abandoned classic car collection with a very interesting history.

The story of these cars goes that in the 1980s, a car collector won a fortune in the lottery. A large part of the money was used to buy nice classic cars. The collection consists of beautiful muscle cars of Ford, Chevrolet, and Mercury. But it all ended with a tragic bankruptcy. Now, after 40 years, the car collection is abandoned and in a dilapidated state in a barn.

An Abandoned Classic Car Collection Possibly Worth Millions

They say; If you want to have a fortune in cars, perhaps the best tip is to start with an even bigger fortune. This car collector is said to have won the lottery jackpot around 1985. The money was used to fill a barn with various other classic American cars, including several different Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaro, and Mercury Cougars.

Unfortunately, the story ended on a sad note, and the lottery winner could not fully enjoy his car collection. Despite his fortune from the lottery, we eventually went bankrupt. And for 40 years, the cars have been collecting dust in a barn. Now, YouTuber Ethan Minnie has found the collection and shown the world a glimpse of this sad sight.

If this collection of iconic and classic American cars had been in good condition, it would have been worth millions. But now everything is dilapidated, run-down, and in some cases, vandalized, with graffiti on their windshields. Some cars can certainly be saved, and they are worth a pretty penny if these classic beauties are in perfect condition. Ethan Minnie was equally star-struck as us since he couldn’t hold back his excitement.


What Classic Cars Did The Bankrupt Lottery Winner Own?

Among the cars found in the lottery winner’s barn is a Mercury Cougar from the 1980s. There is also a Camaro from 1980. The original manual for the car is still resting in the glove box. Finding a classic like that is one thing, but one that has the authentic owner’s manual inside? That’s a cool new way of stumbling upon a time capsule.

A first-generation Ford Falcon from the 60s sits all the way back in the corner. Now, this might be the only car that could potentially, ever be saved. All the glasses on the car are intact, with no signs of rust anywhere on the car. In the next room, there’s every Mustang lover’s dream or nightmare, so to say, since the car is in terrible condition. It’s a fox-body Mustang, one of the coveted ones, since it’s older than the 1987 refresh that brought about a smooth transition to the popular Mustang body style.

There is a pair of 1960s Mustangs sitting in the corner with a lot of missing parts. By now, you can tell that this guy had a taste for Mustangs. There’s an early Chevrolet Caprice Wagon from the 1980s standing in the middle of the room in much of its despair. However, the next room houses an early 1980s Cadillac Seville in its final resting place. Or maybe not, since the car really only seems to have one broken window and appears to be salvageable. But will anyone ever save this Seville? Although this place is abandoned, it’s still owned by someone, and no one can really go on a rescue mission to save these damsels in distress.


A Rusty Mustang With A “Let The Good Times Roll” Sticker

Minnie also spots a mid-1960s Ford Galaxie Convertible that’s in pretty rough shape. It is accompanied by another fox-body car, a Mercury Capri from the 1960s, with, and you guessed it – another Mustang. The amount of Mustangs in this place blows us away. All of them, sadly, never really got the road time they deserved. These cars all deserved to be showcased and admired by fans and enthusiasts alike. Unfortunately, that never happened.

There is one car that Minnie seemed personally excited to see and, thus, saved for last. In the front end of the room, next to the Cougar and in front of the Camaro, stood a 1960s Ford Mustang Convertible. This Pony was in its worst state and the most dilapidated of the bunch. With no roof to protect the interior, the car was really roughed up inside and out. This Mustang has a sticker on the bumper, saying “Let the Good Times roll”. But the good times seem to have long since passed for the lottery winner, as well as for all these cool classic cars!


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