1967 Ford Shelby Super Snake



The 1967 Ford Shelby Super Snake represents a significant milestone in automotive history, showcasing the perfect blend of power, performance, and ingenuity. This article delves into the remarkable features and story behind this iconic supercar, highlighting its powerful engine, a unique partnership between Carroll Shelby and Ford, and its status as a record-breaking vehicle.

A Bold Step Forward:

Following the redesign of the Mustang in 1967, Ford introduced the GT500, the first big block Shelby GT. Powered by a modified Police Interceptor 428 CI engine producing 355 HP, the GT500 gained immediate popularity among buyers. Surpassing its small block GT350 counterpart, the GT500 outsold it with 2,048 units sold compared to 1,175 units.

An Unexpected Opportunity:

Carroll Shelby’s partnership with Goodyear, where he served as the West Coast distributor, presented an exciting opportunity. Goodyear proposed a promotional event for its new Thunderbolt line of economy tires, and Shelby saw the potential to showcase the GT500’s capabilities in an extended high-speed demonstration. However, a twist of fate awaited Shelby when former Shelby American sales manager Don McCain approached him with a groundbreaking idea.


The Birth of the Super Snake:

Don McCain, then employed by Dana Chevrolet and Mel Burns Ford, suggested building a supercar that would outperform anything else in the world. His proposal involved installing a racing 427 engine into the GT500 for the tire test, selling the car, and subsequently constructing 50 more units for Burns. Intrigued by the concept, Carroll Shelby embraced the challenge and set out to create the ultimate performance machine.

Unmatched Power and Performance:

The 1967 Ford Shelby Super Snake boasted a formidable racing 427 engine, generating unprecedented power and performance. With its enhanced engine output and aerodynamic enhancements, the Super Snake set out to shatter existing records and redefine what a supercar could achieve. It quickly gained a reputation as a dominating force on both the road and the racetrack.

Limited Production and Rarity:

While the original plan called for the production of 50 Super Snakes, only one was completed, making it an incredibly rare and coveted vehicle. This single Super Snake became a symbol of automotive excellence, pushing the boundaries of performance and leaving an indelible mark on the world of supercars.


Legacy and Enduring Influence:

The 1967 Ford Shelby Super Snake remains a testament to the vision and innovation of Carroll Shelby and his pursuit of automotive perfection. Its limited production, exceptional performance, and unique backstory contribute to its enduring influence and desirability among collectors and car enthusiasts alike. The Super Snake continues to inspire the development of high-performance vehicles, setting a benchmark for future generations.


The 1967 Ford Shelby Super Snake stands as an extraordinary achievement in automotive engineering, combining power, performance, and innovation. Born out of a partnership between Carroll Shelby and Ford, this record-breaking supercar showcases the relentless pursuit of excellence and the desire to push the boundaries of what is possible. Its legendary status and enduring influence ensure that the Super Snake remains a timeless symbol of automotive greatness.


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