1967 Dodge Coronet 440 Is A Surprising Find That’Ll Trigger Mixed Feelings


While the Coronet wasn’t necessarily the best-selling Dodge model in 1967, its sales were on the rise, and a change introduced by the parent company on this model year prepared it for an inflation of customer appeal.

This was the year when Dodge introduced the well-known Coronet R/T, with the car originally offered either as a two-door hardtop or convertible.


The standard engine on the R/T was the largest Chrysler unit available at this point – the 440 (7.2-liter) Magnum V8 rated at no more, no less than 375 horsepower. The 426 Hemi was available as the only option in the lineup with a power rating of 425 horsepower.

The Coronet that someone has recently published on eBay isn’t an R/T, but nevertheless, it was still born with a 440. Unfortunately, the original engine is no longer in the car, so in charge of putting the wheels in motion right now is a 318 paired with an automatic transmission.

eBay seller renee-country says the 440 is still available separately, so you’ll have to pay extra if you want the big-block muscle.

As it turns out, this Coronet is still complete, and this is certainly good news for anyone who is planning a full restoration to factory specifications. The process could therefore be quite an easy job, though the overall condition of the car still requires particular attention, especially in terms of metal work.


The trunk, for instance, appears to be rusty, while the interior looks complete but still needs a full overhaul anyway.

At first glance, this Coronet project has almost everything you’d need on a restoration candidate, including a big-block engine (available separately), a complete lineup, and a solid overall condition.


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