1967 AMC Marlin



The 1967 AMC Marlin, produced by American Motors, is a hidden gem in the automotive world. Despite facing challenges during its production years, the Marlin evolved into a stylish and distinctive fastback coupe. Although it experienced limited sales, the car’s desirability among AMC enthusiasts has grown over time. In recent years, the Marlin’s value has begun to reflect its unique appeal. This article will explore the history, design, and growing recognition of the 1967 AMC Marlin.

The Unfortunate Misfit

The Marlin, introduced in 1965, faced tough competition in the market. Despite American Motors’ efforts to create an exceptional vehicle, the Marlin struggled to find its place among popular models of the era. However, by its final year of production, the Marlin had undergone refinements that transformed it into an attractive and one-of-a-kind fastback coupe.

A Handsome and Unique Design

The 1967 AMC Marlin displayed a distinctive appearance that set it apart from its competitors. Its sleek and elongated fastback profile exuded a sense of speed and modernity. The car’s smooth lines, contoured body, and bold front grille made it an eye-catching presence on the road. The Marlin’s unique design garnered praise from automotive enthusiasts who appreciated its individuality.


Limited Production and Desirability

During its final year, the 1967 AMC Marlin saw a production run of fewer than 3,000 units. This rarity has contributed to its growing desirability among AMC fans and collectors. The fact that the Marlin is considered the most desirable iteration of the model showcases the appreciation for its refined design and exclusivity. However, until recently, the Marlin’s desirability has not translated into significant monetary value.

The Rising Value

In recent years, the value of the 1967 AMC Marlin has started to reflect its unique appeal. As the demand for vintage and rare vehicles continues to grow, enthusiasts and collectors are recognizing the Marlin’s significance. The limited production numbers, coupled with its distinctive design and increasing popularity, have led to a surge in interest and a rise in its market value.


Preserving a Hidden Gem

Today, dedicated enthusiasts and preservationists are working diligently to maintain and restore the 1967 AMC Marlin. These individuals understand the importance of preserving this unique piece of automotive history. Through their efforts, the Marlin’s legacy is being safeguarded for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.


The 1967 AMC Marlin may have faced challenges during its production years, but it has evolved into a hidden gem in the automotive world. Its handsome and unique design, coupled with its limited production numbers, has sparked increased desirability among AMC enthusiasts. As recognition grows and its market value rises, the Marlin is finally receiving the appreciation it deserves. With dedicated preservation efforts, this distinctive fastback coupe will continue to captivate automotive enthusiasts and serve as a testament to American Motors’ innovation and creativity.



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