1963 Chevy Impala Ss Left To Rot Outside Would Have Made Governor Nelson Rockefeller Angry


The 1963 Impala itself has a well-deserved place in Chevrolet’s history, not because of its skyrocketing sales but also thanks to reaching an important achievement for the parent company.

In 1963, no less than 51 years after being founded, the GM brand managed to build its 51 millionth car, and just as expected, the model it picked to mark this occasion was none other than a 1963 Impala SS.

The celebration took place at the company’s factory in Tarrytown, New York, with the 1963 Impala SS being driven out of the facility by none other than New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller.


This made the ’63 Impala SS quite a desirable model in the world of collectors, with models in tip-top shape now selling for more than you can imagine.


The example that someone has recently listed on eBay, however, would make Rockefeller sad, as the car has been sitting under the clear sky for way too long.

And unfortunately, we all know what this means for a pile of metal, with the Impala coming in a rough shape, without an engine and a transmission.

Described by seller will-2940 as a barn find, this blue Impala SS most likely served as a donor for another project, given the bumpers are also missing, but on the other hand, it looks like several other parts are still available to help with a restoration.

The condition of the metal isn’t necessarily the best, but it’s not terrifying, either. The floors and the trunk would require particular attention, but for a better picture of what needs to be fixed and what doesn’t, potential buyers should just go to Kansas City and check it out live.


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