1960 Ford Galaxie Sunliner Convertible



The 1960 Ford Galaxie Sunliner Convertible represents an era of full-sized Ford convertibles that exuded style and elegance. In this article, we will delve into the unique characteristics of the Sunliner model, its striking design elements, and its place within the Galaxie family.

A Legacy of Convertible Excellence

The Sunliner classification was initially introduced in 1952 on the Crestline model and later carried over to the Fairlane before finding its home in the full-sized Galaxie lineup in 1959. Known for their open-top driving experience, Sunliner convertibles quickly became synonymous with freedom and the joy of the open road.

Distinctive Styling

In 1960, the Galaxie models underwent a revamp, and the Sunliner badge adorned the two-door convertibles in the lineup. The design language of the era emphasized space-age aesthetics, featuring sleek and aerodynamic side profiles, complemented by wheel skirts that added a touch of sophistication. Notably, wing-like tailfins graced the rear, adding a futuristic flair to the Sunliner’s appearance.

Luxurious Details

To enhance the Sunliner’s visual appeal, Ford incorporated several luxurious details. The scripted Sunliner badges, prominently displayed on the front fenders and trunk lid, were meticulously gold-plated, creating a striking contrast against the abundance of chrome accents adorning the exterior. These badges served as a testament to the Sunliner’s exclusivity and attention to detail.


Inspired Interior

Stepping inside the Sunliner, one would find a captivating interior that showcased Ford’s commitment to creating a visually stunning cabin. Interestingly, the vivid turquoise upholstery bore resemblances to the upholstery seen in the Oldsmobile F-85, demonstrating the era’s affinity for vibrant color schemes that captured attention and added a sense of youthful exuberance to the driving experience.

Driving Pleasure

Beyond its visual appeal, the 1960 Ford Galaxie Sunliner Convertible offered a thrilling driving experience. With the top down, drivers and passengers could revel in the sensation of wind in their hair and the freedom of the open road. The powerful engine options available in the Galaxie lineup ensured that every journey was filled with exhilaration and joy.

Preserving a Classic Heritage

Today, the 1960 Ford Galaxie Sunliner Convertible holds a special place in the hearts of vintage car enthusiasts and collectors. Its timeless design, luxurious details, and iconic presence make it a highly sought-after piece of automotive history. Devoted owners and restoration experts work diligently to preserve the Sunliner’s legacy, ensuring that its beauty and significance continue to captivate audiences at classic car shows and events.


The 1960 Ford Galaxie Sunliner Convertible stands as a testament to Ford’s commitment to elegance, style, and performance. Its distinctive design, luxurious accents, and exhilarating driving experience have solidified its status as an automotive icon. Today, the Sunliner continues to inspire admiration and serves as a reminder of the allure and excitement that came with open-top motoring during the mid-century era.


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