1958 Edsel Citation Convertible



In the vibrant automotive landscape of the late 1950s, the 1958 Edsel Citation Convertible emerged as a prominent member of the Edsel family. As Edsel’s flagship model, the Citation showcased a blend of luxury, style, and power. In this article, we will delve into the details of this iconic car, which unfortunately faced a short-lived existence due to the commercial challenges faced by the Edsel brand.

Flagship Model of Edsel

Debuting in the 1958 model year, the Edsel Citation Convertible was part of the family of full-size cars offered by Edsel. The Citation line encompassed two-door hardtop, four-door hardtop, and two-door convertible body styles, each boasting a distinct charm and character. With its elegant design and luxurious features, the Citation aimed to establish Edsel as a formidable competitor in the automotive market.

Power and Performance

Underneath the stylish exterior, the 1958 Edsel Citation Convertible housed a formidable powertrain. A robust 6.7L V8 engine provided the necessary muscle, delivering a thrilling driving experience. Paired with a three-speed manual transmission, this rear-wheel-drive beauty offered a combination of power and control, making it a joy to drive on the open road. The Citation exuded confidence and performance, exemplifying Edsel’s commitment to engineering excellence.


The Edsel’s Fate

Despite the promising start, the Edsel brand faced commercial challenges, and unfortunately, the Citation Convertible’s production was short-lived. After its introduction in 1958, the Citation, along with other Edsel models, ceased production, marking the end of an ambitious venture. Only 9,299 examples of the Citation were produced, making it a rare and sought-after collector’s item today. The Edsel’s fate serves as a reminder of the complexities of the automotive industry and the challenges faced by even well-established brands.

Collectible Rarity

The limited production run of the 1958 Edsel Citation Convertible has contributed to its desirability among collectors and enthusiasts. Owning one of these timeless beauties is a testament to the era’s design sensibilities and automotive innovation. The rarity of the Citation adds to its allure, making it a highly sought-after classic car for those passionate about automotive history.


Preserving Automotive Heritage

Despite the commercial setback faced by Edsel, the legacy of the 1958 Citation Convertible lives on through collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate its unique place in automotive history. These dedicated individuals ensure the preservation of these classic cars, showcasing their beauty at vintage car shows, and sharing their stories with future generations.


The 1958 Edsel Citation Convertible represents an era of automotive innovation and design. As Edsel’s flagship model, it exuded luxury, style, and power. Though its production was cut short due to commercial challenges, its rarity and desirability have only grown over time. Today, the Citation Convertible serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of classic cars and the passion of those who continue to preserve and celebrate automotive heritage.


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