1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Abandoned On Private Property Is A Mysterious American Icon


Considered by many a genuine icon of the American car industry, the 1955 Bel Air came with several notable changes, including the debut of a V8 engine.

It was the first time in decades when a Chevrolet was offered with a V8, so the Bel Air ended up becoming a trendsetter not only for the GM brand but for the rest of the industry as well.

Most cars launching at the end of the decade, as well as during the ‘60s, came with a mix of six-cylinders and V8s, as the strategy was to target more customers with an engine lineup that was as varied as possible.

The 1955 Bel Air was therefore offered with the 235 (3.8-liter) six-cylinder with either 123 or 136 horsepower, but also with three versions of the new 265 (4.3-liter) V8.


First of all, it was the standard model with 162 horsepower, but customers could also order the Power Pack with 180 horsepower. The Super Power Pack was the star of the show this year with 195 horsepower.

The Bel Air we have here is a survivor of those great times, though, on the other hand, it comes with more questions than answers.

Sitting on private property for a long time, it’s pretty clear the car is no longer the shiny Bel Air that most collectors would drool after. However, it’s not a complete wreck either, so it could at least be used for parts if no hero is found to bring it back to the road.


On the other hand, we have no clue if an engine is still there under the hood and whether the car is complete or not. At the same time, it’s not clear if the parts we see in the photos are original, though there’s a chance they are, given the car looks like it’s been abandoned for decades.

Restoring this Bel Air listed by seller rfa52393 wouldn’t be easy, there’s no doubt about it, so it’s definitely not a project aimed at the faint of heart.


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